Welcome to 1MillionNFTs

Hello, stranger! You have landed on 1MlnNFTs.com — a smart-contract based web3 platform on Ethereum blockchain.

We’ve created a 10,000 by 10,000 pixel grid, which is about to be filled with hundreds of vivid images. You have 1 Million NFTs at your disposal, and each one meets an ERC-721 standart. You can buy and sell as well as color any section of the grid. In addition, the area can have a URL-address, title, description.

1MillionNFTs is both an investment and a creative project with some unpredictable artistic results. No one knows what the grid will be like in a month, six months, or a year. Anyone can affect the look and style of the project. Join our community, and combine commercial potential with rebellious creativity.

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What it's all about?

Each user has access to any zone on the grid: you can select and buy NFTs, and then edit them. Especially for these operations, we have created 1MIL tokens. This means that each area has both an NFT-certificate and a price from 1 to 5MIL for each cell. Each operation requires 1MILs and burns 50% of the coins, which means the total number of 1MILs is getting reduced day by day. The number of coins is limited, and so the value is constantly increasing, and the threshold for entering the niche is getting higher and higher.

The prices will keep growing as the platform evolves. Now is the best time to become a part of a bright and creative, but also commercially promising project. You can no longer go back in time and be first, but you can jump on that train until it’s not too late.

So stack your place in NFT history here and now!


Buy and reserve NFTs

The first step on the platform is buying NFTs. Each NFT purchased has a recognized ERC-721 standard and can be sold or even leased (for example, as advertising space). There are a total of 1,000,000 NFTs on the board, and this is the only opportunity to buy them.

In the future, when they are resold, their value will only go up. And this means that the project has direct commercial potential.


Edit and Recolor

You can upload any image to your space, it will be pixelated and adapted to the board.

But besides that, you can change the information: upload other images, add a description, a title, a link which will be available when someone click on your image on the board.

The possibilities of the editor have been expanded, and are constantly being improved for your convenience.


Limited number of tokens

Each transaction burns 50% of the coins, while the total number of 1MILs is strictly limited.

This means that the value of the coin will grow day by day, and pretty soon you will no longer be able to join the project.

The only possibility will be purchasing someone else's space on the grid (in case the seller accepts your offer).

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