What is the project about?

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To make a long story short

1MlnNFTs.com is a smart-contract based web3 platform on Ethereum blockchain with 1000x1000 pixels grid. Each pixel is an ERC-721 NFT token with its location. Users will have an opportunity to buy, sell, rent and paint them to create any picture with any link inside. But to paint pixels you need another ERC-20 tokens..


Stories that inspired us to create 1MillionNFTs

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In 2005 Alex Tew created a 1000x1000 grid. 1mln pixels for sale: $1 each. He raised $999k and the last 1000 pixels were sold on eBay for $38'100.

Reddit's "Place"

In 2017 on April Fool's Day Reddit launched a social experiment called "Place". Every registered user could place a colored pixel every five minutes for Free.

Reddit's place

2-Tokens Model

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ERC - 721 NFT tokens

Each NFT token is a blockchain proven ownership of 1 pixel on


ERC-20 tokens 1MIL

Tokens needed to BUY NFT-pixels and PAINT them to make some pictures on the grid.



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TOTAL SUPPLY: 10’000’000 1MIL

Raise, $ % of Total Price, $ TGE Start Monthly
Strategic $200'000 2% - 10% 20'000 5%
Private $600'000 3% $2 15% 45'000 5%
IDOs $250'000 0.5% $5 100% 50'000 -
Farming 6 yr - 64% - - - -
Liquidity - 5.5% - - - -
Marketing - 7% - - - -
Team + KOLs - 18% - - 5'000 -

1'000'000 NFTs and only 120'000 at the beginning

Allocations inside the Grid

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Each round has it's place, but..

There are lockups and Strategic investors for example will get only 10% on TGE. So they will be able to grab and paint only 10% of Strategic TOP place. But their priority right to get 100% of the strategic location will last for 6 hours, but they don't have enough tokens. What to do? Right - go to the market and buy more, or lose the priority to get strategic location, so others can grab it.


How It Works

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Users receive some % of the unlocked ERC-20 tokens.

Buy and Paint

They have 24 hours to buy NFTs in a reserved location and paint them once.

Damn, it's locked

Users can either buy more ERC-20 tokens to get all their reserved NFT locations.

Damn, I lost them

Or don't buy and loose the priority to get these NFT locations.

Hi, Marketplace

You are welcome to buy, sell and rent NFT and ERC-20 tokens on a marketplace.


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Zoomable and scrollable mobile friendly 1000 x 1000 grid with all the painted NFT-pixels and users' links.


ERC-20 wallet connect, suitable dashboard, asset management and ability to paint on NFT pixels you own.


Easy to use smart- contract based marketplace to buy, sell or rent NFT and ERC-20 tokens inside the community.

Oh, buy the way 1 NFT-pixel farms 1 ERC-20 token 1MIL per year..